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MavenHeart is your home, a call to women everywhere who seek to live a life unscripted by others. It’s an invitation to step into a world where your age is your asset, your experiences are your wisdom, and your journey is uniquely yours. Welcome home to MavenHeart, where the journey of self-discovery and empowerment begins.

Joining MavenHeart means joining a sisterhood of extraordinary women just like you. Women who have dreams, aspirations, and a burning desire to live every moment to its fullest. Together, we share, we learn, and we grow, united by our collective experiences and our vision for a brighter, bolder future.



Our Founder, Nikki T, is the embodiment of the MavenHeart spirit. Her journey from a professional athlete to a wellness and lifestyle entrepreneur has inspired the core principles of MavenHeart. Nikki’s experiences, insights, and passion are woven into the fabric of our community, making MavenHeart a beacon of hope and transformation for women worldwide.

For years, Nikki T has stood at the forefront of dismantling the oppressive diet culture and its toxic “hate yourself skinny” narratives. She is a guiding beacon for countless women seeking liberation from these unhealthy mindsets. Her work in health, wellness, and fitness is rapidly gaining recognition, making her and her MavenHeart movement a formidable presence in the global wellness landscape. MavenHeart, under her stewardship, has become the sanctuary for women over 40 who seek to embrace their health, wellness, beauty, fashion, and a life filled with adventure and travel.

Nikki’s journey is marked by fearless leadership in wellness. Starting as a professional dancer and evolving into a personal trainer, fitness coach, and wellness entrepreneur, she has faced and overcome immense challenges. Her athletic career, characterized by extreme perfectionism, competitiveness, and grueling challenges, not only tested her resilience but also paved her path to becoming a revolutionary force in the fitness, weight loss, wellness and women’s lifestyle industries.


Empowering Holistic

Nikki T’s knowledge and ability to adjust based on physical limitations is exceptional. Additionally, her encouragement and support is above and beyond. Wasn’t sure I would find someone knowledgeable in all aspects of exercise and healthy life coaching. Nikki T not only supports your physical but your mental health too. What I like most is Nikki T’s support and understanding. In less than 3 months working with Nikki T, I’ve lost 18lbs and have gained confidence. Nikki T is extremely personalized. My experience with Nikki T has been excellent!

Kim H.

MAVENHEART: the show

Mavenheart: The Show is the groundbreaking series that brings to life the stories, challenges, and triumphs of extraordinary women over 40. 

Inspiration meets reality, showcasing the diverse and dynamic lives of women who are redefining what it means to be vibrant, successful, and fulfilled in the prime of their lives.



The program helped me get out of my head and have concrete tools to use regarding weight loss and well-being. I’d recommend Nikki T and this program because she’s a straight shooter who cares.
She’s going to “smell” your B.S. that is in your way but will give you the guidance and tools to be successful in dealing with it. This program addresses both mind & body, and the bonus is taking the journey with other amazing women.

Jessica, director in communications


An Exclusive Experience: The MavenHeart Secret Society

Want to know more about the unique experiences, profound wisdom, and unparalleled support offered by MavenHeart? Nikki T recently hosted an intimate event for women just like you to explain more about MavenHeart. Join us free of charge, and you’ll see inside MavenHeart Society, where you can embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, wellness, and FUN.

MavenHeart: Celebrating the wisdom, beauty, and strength of life after 40. Your new adventure awaits.